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 Posted: 10-20-2010 05:23 pm
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The (wiring) loom is all the electric wires in the car, basically.

What would happen when using a low-impedance coil like a Flamethrower with a ballast resistor is that the voltage drop over the resistor becomes excessive, and the coil won't be able to make a spark at all. Your multimeter may not be fast enough to pick this up, and will only show 12V when the circuit is open.

If you run a wire straight from the battery to the +ve terminal on the coil, will it run with the Flamethrower then? The bypass circuit on the starter may not work, mine has packed in at least.

I believe you have two options: Run with the old Lucas coil, or locate and get rid of the ballast resistor and install the Flamethrower. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, just the ghost of Joseph Lucas throwing you a curve ball. Option 1 is probably the easiest.