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 Posted: 10-19-2010 01:02 am
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Bret-here we are again...5 months later. Got the car running...but it still flooded. Timing is 8 degrees. I put a fuel regulator in the boot after the pump, before the filter.  Set it at 3. But guess what?  I have discovered the wrong spark plugs were sold to me 8 years ago.  The guy did not have Champions so he gave me Autolite 63s...they are comp to Champion N9Y (they should have been Autolte 52 for the non smog engine).  I just found some of the correct Champion N7Y plugs and will replace them as well as add a newly purchased Petronix to the distributor and coil. Will let you know what happened from there on...good thing this is not my daily driver. Hank