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 Posted: 10-16-2010 04:55 am
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Jensen Healey

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After loosening the steering rack from the sub-frame I removed the old lower steering knuckle. It had a small bit of play when moved by hand. The new one from Delta has zero play. When it was all back together the steering wheel still had about 1/8" free play.

I removed the steering wheel and tightened the band clamp near the steering lock. This tightened up everything. The free play is now zero.

The test drive was amazing! The entire front suspension feels tighter and more responsive. The rattles and shakes that I thought must be bad sub-frame bushings are gone.

To correct play in the steering wheel:

1. Check torque on steering rack mounting nuts, upper and lower knuckles, steering column supports and whatever is under the cowl cap behind the steering wheel. Mine is jury rigged with a band clamp. Works great. Don't tighten the turn signal assembly, it will break.

2. Open the door so you can reach the steering wheel from outside the car and observe the play in the upper and lower knuckles.

3. Grab the upper knuckle and see if there's play at the firewall. This indicates wear in the bushing there.

All in all a 1.5 vino job due to space restrictions around the knuckles.