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 Posted: 10-13-2010 12:58 am
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Wonder of wonders - after about five years, I finally performed some preventative maintenance on YELODOG:
  • Carb balance was still quite correct.  Used my new German device - much better than that thing with the floating ball.
  • Plugs were fine but I put new ones in anyway.
  • Timing was spot-on - well, I do have crank fired ignition !
  • Checked cylinder pressure:  All cylinders in 185-195 psi range.  Just like new.
  • Adjusted idle mixture via the pull-plug-wires method and there was some change in performance - below.
Actually, the real purpose of this post is to confirm that the Webers do suffer from progression problems.  THE IDLE MIXTURE ADJUSTMENT MADE A MARKED IMPROVEMENT ! ! ! !

Perhaps some Weber users reading this post might also get an improvement.