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 Posted: 10-12-2010 11:02 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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You will experience better drivability with Dellortos for a street Jensen Healey, I'd only use Webers on a track car myself. Ok, Pete, I do remember your car does drive pretty awesome on the street, but it is not your typical Jensen Healey by a long shot. The Dellortos offer a sillky smooth progression throughout the range that Webers cannot match.

On those anti-popping spacers- they are not a magic bullet to correct any pre existing fuel delivery or inadequate design problems. All they do is prevent the o-rings from slipping out of place during installation (since they are a one piece assembly). As it's hard to see if the original plastic and o-ring set ups are actually assembled correctly, the anti-popping spacers just make installation a no brainer.