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 Posted: 10-07-2010 05:52 am
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From what I have seen and been told, the tapered rubber base for the four corner maker lights is correct and orignal. That is, one end of the rubber is thicker so as to compensate for the curve of the fender and make the marker light more flat with the side of the car. The flat ones are a re-production and are not really original. I would be interested in a set of the tapered style. I also need to order Pete's shift gaiter, clutch fork gaiter, and the emergency trunk opener if he desides to go to prod with that one. My trunk lock barely opened the trunk with key fully tured, I modified mine by grinding off a bit of the material on the latch where the stop is. now my trunk opens by barely turning the key, almost too easy. I took off a little too much of the stop.