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 Posted: 10-05-2010 07:30 pm
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Hi John,

How did you know that I've been working on it?  Actually just purchased a few hardware items - one to replace the plastic clips in attached photo with metal screw-in design.  Should be good-to-go in a few weeks.

Still have the Clutch Lever Boot available, as well as a single Damper Kit - then I have to try finding more raw dampers.........

Just started the design and market potential of a couple of items.  Have to determine what the market quantity will be as tooling costs are very high..............:
  • The small rubber gaiter that closes the end of the Clutch Cable (under the car).  Gaiter, Clutch Cable # 91391. Tooling costs are quite high.
  • Rubbber boot, Grommet, Gearshift Lever # 91692,  that fits under the leather gaiter on the Gear Shift lever.  This keeps the heat out of that area, as the leather is ineffective for that purpose.
  • Investigated producing the rubber base under the front and rear sidelights, but the market was not enough to make it feasible.

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