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 Posted: 10-05-2010 03:09 pm
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My JH has a couple of 45 Dellortos with K+n filters and can attest personally for the high induction noise. Pete is absolutely right.  It's was kinda cool at first and I did like it.... The rumble and air sucking under throttle is pretty loud. My ex wife complained all the time and wouldnt ride in the car mainly because the radio was not loud enough to drown the sound of the dellortos out. Anyway, Pete Bahr found a great way to silence them  and had a custom filter airbox made which can really quiet things down to a boring  sane level. It's great for long trips. The parts are still made by a guy out of california who crafts them out of fiberglass and will fit right on  the dells or webers utilizing the standard lotus air  filter.