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 Posted: 10-04-2010 02:04 am
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Best to bring a person that knows about "old" cars.

The Webers with those air cleaners will make so much induction noise that you'll never know if the engine is quiet, or the bearing are about to fall out.  Yes, Webers have a flat spot, but with a few hundred$ of jets, you can generally make it much less noticable.  I have Weber 45's on YELODOG, and they are great - but the engine is far from stock so it is a suitable choice.  For a stock engine the 45's are a bit large - but you don't tell us if they are 40's or 45's........

For '73, the engine had some problems, later solved, concerning lubrication of the Cams as well as a shitty rear Crank seal (rope as I recall).

For all JH, the Cam belt is always an issue.  If not new, it should be replaced.

Engine hot oil pressure should be 60psi at 2500 rpm and probably 20 psi at idle.

Should not be too much oil leaking from under the car, as the 907 can be made quite tight.

"flywheel was serviced." - hmm, wonder why??????

Of course, look for rust in the typical places - but it it was a CA car from new, that shouldn't be too much of a problm.

Bring a good machanic with you ! ! ! !

Pete Bahr