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 Posted: 10-03-2010 01:30 am
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Hey guys Im really glad to be a member of this forum I'm looking at getting a jensen healey off craigslist. When I started looking for cars I knew I wanted something older, stylish, British, and with good handling, at first I was thinking of a triumph or an mg but as soon as I saw the Jensen healey I knew it was what I wanted. So I looked on craiglist and found one for 2500, I should be checking it out next weekend. The listing is here

quite by chance when i was browsing this forum I saw a car that looks quite a lot like the one I'm looking at getting and it turn a out this car is owned by forum member steve88w. His post about it is here

I'm slightly dubious about the low price and such a short period of ownership, but I will wait to before I see the car in person before I pass judgement. What do you guys thing about the price, I know prices can vary from area to area I'm worried about a large problem that could be hidden, is there anything that may not be seen in a test drive? I'll be bringing a magnet to check for rust, but what else should I look for?

I'm also not so sure I like using weber carbs because as i read on this forum they can create a flat spot, in you opinion would it be worth it to change?

Thanks in advance and for all the great info on the forum