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 Posted: 09-08-2010 01:15 am
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I have the VR sensor, toothed wheel, coil pack, and EDIS4 controller mounted and wired to the car. I installed a main relay that is switched by the 12V wire that supplied power to the input of the ballast resistor. I am able to start the car with the default limp-home 10°BTDC hardcoded into the EDIS4 module. I have most of the wiring done for the Megasquirt ECU that will direct the EDIS4 controller to advance the ignition based on the load verses RPM map I enter into the ECU tuning software. I added another vacuum port to the front section of the intake manifold and then T'ed it  together with the rear vacuum port that normally runs to the brake booster so I can get a more balanced signal to the manifold air pressure sensor integrated into the ECU. I have a few more ground wires to run to my common ground point on the engine and then double check all of my connections with an ohm meter. I also want to confirm the VR sensor to toothed wheel alignment that should be producing the default 10° BTDC timing signal. Once that is done I think I am ready to start it up with the Megasquirt ECU installed.