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 Posted: 09-05-2010 07:57 pm
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My bad. I did mean 3/8" for the rotor thickness.

I've heard the TR-7 calipers fit also. But have never confirmed that to be true.

Amongst my notes here on front brake upgrades are stories and pictures of using:   Ford ventilated rotors and calipers - unknown models numbers

Saab or Volvo parts - looks close based on wrecking yard visits

Outlaw brake 4-pot calipers and ventilated rotor - unknown model numbers

While i am sure it has been done, I have not seen any detailed information on a successful upgrade. It's something Jody and I have discussed a few times but our priorities have been getting our cars running.

I have a JH front frame and a GT front frame here that I am slowly cleaning and putting back together to use as testing points for a brake upgrade. Unfortunately it's not a high priority. Once I get a running car then I plan on spending more time on seeing what can be done.

Maybe if everyone that had an interest in this shared their notes we could come up with something that could be put together with all the parts needed.