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 Posted: 08-24-2010 06:45 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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Did you end up with the 104/107 cams? The 104/107 combo is great under the right circumstances, but you really do need a head that has been seriously ported that can move some air, otherwise, everything suffers.

I would recommend leaving the float level at the correct height, all you need is to get your jets correctly set. Jetting will change based on the series (when they were manufactured) too.

If you don't have the factory Dellorto European intake on it, I would consider getting a used one and adding that. The Lotus boys did their homework on that set up- incredibly, if you put the engine on a dyno with a so-called performance air filter and then try again with the factory intake box, you will see close to 10hp change. The air velocity from the stock Dellorto intake makes a tremendous difference.