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 Posted: 08-14-2010 01:32 am
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Hi Nels. I was just wondering how you were doing on your car.

When I went to clean the bumpers I had when I wiped my hands over the bumper it turned black from being weathered so much. I started with a stiff plastic brush, bucket of water and car cleaner. Scrubbed the bumpers to get them clean first. Then used an orange cleaner in a spray bottle with a ScotchBrite pad to clean/work the rubber one more time. This got all the junk and dead rubber off. Went through a couple of buckets of water.

Then I used a rubber cleaner/conditioner I had from Meguairs. Sprayed it on, let soak for a while, rubbed it in and then wiped it off. Did the other bumper and let them sit for a while. Looked better. I went over the bumpers one more time but didn't wipe them off. I wanted to let them sit over night and see how they looked in the morning.

In the morning when I looked at the bumpers it looked like some of conditioner had been absorbed by the rubber. The sheen was different shades. Sprayed on my stuff, rubbed it around and then wiped it off. Bumpers looked good but more importantly I could put my hand on the bumper and not have black all over it from the bumper.