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 Posted: 08-11-2010 09:20 pm
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My left front brake judders under braking (hard or loose, no difference). I suspected a warped disc, so I measured it with a dial indicator, runout less than +-.002". So that wasn't the reason. I then removed the brake pads, having a hard time getting the inner one loose since the piston wasn't retracting very easily.

I then tried jogging the piston a bit, and it seems it goes out easily, but is harder to get in than the other side. Did I do something wrong when I rebuilt the caliper? Is there an inner and an outer direction for the rubber seals? I used new pistons and a fresh TRW rebuild kit when I rebuilt it.

I am pretty sure I have found the culprit, since after the jogging of the piston, the brakes were fine for about 3 stops, then the judder came back. I also retightened all the bolt in the suspension, as I had painted the parts before assembly.

Any tricks up your sleeves, Gentlemen?