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 Posted: 08-10-2010 11:00 pm
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OK, the Pertronix has two wires, a red and a black. The wire coming from the tach (usually the white/slate wire) is the same wire that provides power to the ballast resistor next to the coil, or if your car does not have the ballast the wire will go directly to the + or positive side of the coil. If your car has the ballast, the white/slate wire will connect to one side of the ballast, the other side of the ballast goes to the +/positive side of the coil. The tach wire is also the ignition wire from the key. Some cars use two wires for Ign and Tach, but the JH it is just one wire.

Hook the red wire from the Pertronix to the same location on the ballast resistor that the white/slate wire from tach/ign connects to. If no ballast, then connect to the + positive side of the coil. The black wire from Pertronix connects to - negative side of the coil.

This is how my 74 is hooked up (I have the ballast resistor). Tach works on my car, but it jumps around at times. Most of the time it reads correctly.