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 Posted: 08-04-2010 11:53 am
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Dan (Florida)


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If the engine isn't making a popping noise, I would leave it alone.  IMHO popping comes from  lean mixture or overworked overheated engine.  I installed dcoe 40's  and don't use the anti-popping spacers, but did put in extra thick gaskets.  I had some popping untill the lean jets were corrected.  I'm sure your dad (or somebody) went through long hours jetting and plug reading to get the best performance from the 45's .  Even when they are almost perefect, Webers are still a little burbley at  around 3000 rpm (the transition point between low speed and high speed jets).  Also make sure your mechanical advance (if you still have one) in your distributor is working smoothly.

hth,  Dan