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 Posted: 07-31-2010 08:12 pm
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I just got myself an IR thermometer (up to 1000ºF), so I was thinking that could be the best way to match idle mixtures for all the throttle barrels.

In theory, when all cylinders run at the same temperature and the same vacuum, they should also have the same mixture. Any objections to this?

I can see the procedure developing like this:
- Run the engine nice and warm, drive a lap around town.
- Double check balance of carbs with 4-channel CarbTune
- Let it idle with the bonnet open for a few minutes, measure temp of header pipes about 2" from head.
- adjust idle mix until all cylinders are as close as possible.

The time constant of the temperature change is a large unknown here, I really don't know how long it will take from making a change till it will register consistently.

Do people have any thoughts on this? I am thinking this as a poor man's 4-channel EGT system.

The measurements take seconds