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 Posted: 07-11-2010 07:53 am
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So I was able to hookup with Dave Gunn who only lives a couple miles away from me and since he had his intake still off of his partially assembled motor, he was nice enough to let me come over and test fit my EFI altered intake setup on his car.

It seems like my worry about the clearance for the fuel rail that sticks out above the injectors was not unfounded. We put the whole assembly on his car and sure enough the front tip of the fuel rail is probably going to foul the hood just barely to one side of the existing hump. I won't know for sure until I can really bolt it up to a car with the hood actually on the car but judging from the pictures and rough measurements we took on Dave's car I think I have a small problem. We layed a straight edge across the top of the fenders crossing the car where the front edge of the fuel rail sits and that front tip of the fuel rail was only about 1/32nd to 1/16th inch below the straight edge. If the existing bump on the hood was moved towards the center of the car by approx two inches I think I would be fine. Alternatively on my next intake I have modified I might be able to get the fabricator to lay the injector location down just a little bit.

Anyway take a look at the photos I took of the whole manifold assembly bolted onto Dave's car:

There is a total of ten new photos uploaded there.

Comments, suggestions, critics, or what-not are welcome.
Steven DuChene