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 Posted: 06-27-2010 03:55 pm
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Thanks Brett! Gotta love the Internet. People you've never met reponding to lend support within a day of posting. I have weld nuts laying about looking for pupose in life. Thanks too for the tip on clearance. I will be using narrow seam tape as an intermediary there and along the top edge where it joins to the inner fender, it helps preserve the paint where they meet and as they are bolted. In the case of the bottom edge, the tape will be several pieces spaced apart rather than one long one to give better drainage. While it's been said many times many ways, I am simply astounded by how poorly designed the body is with no eye towards designing for "mechanical" rust prevention. The "box" area formed behind the fender and encompassing the top of the rocker and footwell metal is a classic example of apparently having learned or caring little about previous rust problems. Interestingly, my floor pans are all solid but the rockers are trash.