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 Posted: 06-27-2005 02:36 pm
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Mitch Ware

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Last year #19670 ran cool even on the hottest days. Then it was put away for the winter. Before taking it out of storage, I drained the anti-freeze and replaced it with a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and prestone green. I have noticed that the temperature guage has been reading higher on the average this year than it did last year (the first year that the car was back on the road).

Yesterday, on a very warm day, the temp guage went right up to the red after about 3 miles. I nursed the car back home and let it idle in the driveway, spraying water on the front of the radiator. this brought the temp back down to where it has been reading since I took it out of storage this spring (just to the bad side of the middle).

I checked the coolant level, it is fine.

The thermostat seems to be opening since the radiator gets hot. The water seems to be circulating, since spraying water on the radiator cools the engine temp. The coolant level is where it is supposed to be. Both the radiator cap and the thermostat are one year old. The coolant is fresh. I blew out the radiator fins with compressed air to make sure the air was flowing, it is. I have had a shroud around the fan since I restored the car.

So what gives?

any ideas would be appreciated

Mitch Ware
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