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 Posted: 05-23-2010 04:26 pm
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Some members actually have them, and yet , their tolerated ? If so, why can't we just discuss this ? Pretty popular conversion is Supra trans., right ? Please don't rag-on about destroying these timeless classics,no one is "buying".They start at about $400 and up. Precious few will sell for their restoration cost(somewhat of a test for a true classic)? So you take a sub-par, JH, say had a "rare" 907 problem? Kinda like, what would Carrol Shelby do? He was affiliated with Chrylser/Iacola, say he chose to go"Tiger" on the Healy ? I feel these cars have better potential, with a V8 than the Tigers. There are more V8 JH's running around, than some would like to admit. They happen to be damn fast. Some even "handle", go figure. 2 cents, roverman.