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 Posted: 05-08-2010 07:34 pm
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F&%#, f%&#, f"&%, f¤%#ety f#¤%...

Massive oil leak in somewhere at the rear of the engine. lost around a liter of oil in not so long time. The engine side of the flywheel is wet, the bellhousing is full of oil. The clutch isn't slipping when I drive it in and out of the garage, but that may not mean much.

Did I do something wrong when I changed the rear oil seal, or could there be some other problem? I am wishing I had left that end of the engine alone...

I am figuring that dropping the gearbox will be the faster course of action to inspect and fix this, rather than pulling the engine again, just fitting the exhaust manifold took close to two hours and a lot of sweat. What do people here think?