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 Posted: 05-02-2010 06:34 pm
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Engine back in the car today! Spent close to two hours just getting the exhaust manifold back on and all the nuts tightened. Could the designer of said manifold please stand up? <loads shotgun>

Used a slightly modified VW clutch alignment tool (~5$, had one in my toolbox) to align the clutch. Pilot bearing size seemed the same, so I just rolled electrical tape around the spline section until it was a snug fit in the JH clutch splines. Got it true on the first attempt, no sweat.

"Modified" VW clutch alignment tool

Anyway, I couldn't resist having a go at the weld ridges inside the manifold before bolting things together. I only ground the welds down to the pipe surface, yet the area increase was rather dramatic. If it really matters for performance? I have no idea. It felt good doing it.

Before and after shots

I think the Eclat sump may just have cleared the crossmember in unmodified state, but after modifying it, there were no problems at all.

Sump to crossmember clearance