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 Posted: 05-01-2010 02:50 pm
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The main jets are pressed in and care should be taken if you plan to replace them.  Before removing the old, measure the the set back from the throat.  It is probably about 0.100".  Use a manual arbor press for removal and installing the jets. I had a tool made for pressing the main and a spacer made the same thickness as the setback so I could press the main up to the spacer.  This helps eliminate the guess work.  The tool is made to put the press force on the shoulder of the jet rather that the end.  When pressing the new jets in, remove the piston and metering rod.  You will see a flat in the the throat where the main jet enters.  Get a metal rod about  the same size as the piston, insert it through the piston opening and tip the unit upside down.  Put the spacer in the opening for the main jet so it lays on the end of the rod and press the new main to it.  The rod allows  you to use the spacer and supports the carb housing when pressing the jet in.