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 Posted: 04-28-2010 08:27 pm
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Well I got the hardtop. It was a 4 hour drive to Yuma the longest trip I have taken so far. The trip down was great. I met fellow member Terry Chandler. He has a great collection and we spent a few hours chatting and fixing the top to fit. The trip back was not so uneventfut. Two miles from Terrys house the fuse on the fuel pump broke. A servicemember stopped and helped me push the car to a side road. Note on trips do not wera clothing too loose fitting. My shorts dropped down around my ankles making running with the car to steer very hard. Well terry came out with his tools and knowledge and did a temp fix to get me home. I missed my turnoff in Vidal CA. in the dark and ended up in some deserted town where 62 West meets I-10 and was near out of gas. There was a 24 hour cafe (no motel or gas station) where they told me of a guy who would bring gas out. Well $55 I had 5 gallons in my tank and decided to drive to the next exit Blythe and stay at a hotel. Well the next morning the drivers window would not open (I do not have interior handles so I had to slide my 5:6 260 pound frame across the car and out the passenger side. After that the trip went fine.

BTW does anyone know what to use i.e. paint etc to restore the inside of the hardtop to a single stainless color?