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 Posted: 04-24-2010 06:09 pm
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Hello everyone.
New Jensen Healey owner.
My wife found this 1973 Jensen Healey (VIN 11602 but has an engine from a Mk2) online and thought it would be "fun" to fix up....

I need help finding resources for repairs.
I've scoured the forums and found great resources for parts and already have an account set up with Delta Motorsports in Phoenix AZ. What I need help with is finding local shops to outsource work such as repairing my flywheel. According to the forums, my ring gear has slipped out of place and should be spot welded to the flywheel. After calling dozens of local shops, only 1 has offered to do the work but I've had horrible results from them in the past.

I will be posting pictures and such on my website
If you see anything in the pictures I should be concerned about, please let me know. (yes, I have already ordered the replacement air filter kit)

I live in Simi Valley California and if you're local and wouldn't mind taking a look at my car, I would appreciate it.