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 Posted: 04-19-2010 08:28 pm
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It's not cheap to get a top installed by a reputable professional these days, but that sounds a little on the high side. I know people that have paid $2.5K for a custom, hand binded, German canvas top, so it will vary. If you don't want to install a top yourself, you would certainly benefit by visiting a number of upholstry shops in your area or nearby large city and compare as best you can. Prices vary considerably by area. A Robbins top will start near $500 for vinyl and $800-1,000 for different grades of canvas. Other cheaper tops are available too, it depends what your tolerance for a good fit is. The JH had a bad master pattern from day one and the companies with good quality tops, like Robbins, have already adjusted their patterns long ago to fit real cars.