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 Posted: 04-10-2010 02:28 pm
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Most decent Stromberg rebuild kits include a schematic and settings, if you dont have one I can e-mail you direct a copy. First off Stromb's are good and simple carb's, there are better and worse out there but done right they will give you many happy miles of dependable driving.

So first off check that float level, usually the #1 problem for flooding, second check the choke, is it seated when the cable is not pulled, if it is pull the choke off and check the carb body and disc surface, are they clean and not scored. Next plug off all the crap stuff you dont need, by pass valve, temp. compensating valve, just cut a full face gasket to close these off. You really dont need them and the trouble they can cause to me out wieghs there usefullness.

Using the proper needle adjusting tool, turn the needle till it is seated and back out 1-1/4 turns, that is the initial setting to get things going, adjust from there.

Go to the Buckeye Triumph site they have a great article on how to Stromb's in there tech area.

But seriously it's either level, float valve or choke, as long as the carbs are in decent shape, if they are really crappy and the bodies are pitted, just buy a new set from the club store.