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 Posted: 06-17-2005 02:27 pm
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I still have not looked at mine, but I know there is a little lever sticking out of the bottom of my drum if that makes any difference to anyone.  This lever was of course connected to the hand brake, but the mechanics of my hand brake were rusted and destroyed, so we cut it off and chucked it.  If they self-adjust through acuation of this lever, then that might be easy to do with my hand or a cable system hooked up to them.  I hope to get to looking at it tonight, thanks for all the input!


Judson, if we come run Road Atlanta in the JH will you come out for moral support (and to pick up broken bits)?  Might be a good time for me to get the car out on the first race, although the track is far less than ideal for the JH first outing - high speed track will take a toil on the JH, I was hoping Roebling or CMP since those are better suited.