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 Posted: 03-24-2010 10:07 pm
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I'll be aiming for 5W-50 as a first stop, if oil pressure is highish at full temp I will go down to 5W-40 to reduce wear in the cooler Norwegian climate.

Terry, are you sure you oil cooler hasn't clogged up? The oil in mine was so thick even diesel had a hard time passing. The oil cooler sandwich plate does NOT have a bypass mechanism, so if the cooler clogs up, you will have exactly 0 pressure. Before I started tearing things apart, I was seeing the same symptom as you.

Mind you, I haven't put everything back together yet, so I can't tell what helps and what doesn't, but I am really contemplating swapping the sandwich plate for one with a thermostat. Those never close off the bypass stream completely.