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 Posted: 03-24-2010 09:58 pm
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pbahrI'm taking a close look at your new engine and note that it seems to have the old standard square cambelt sprocket grooves. 

In my experience, with all that you have put in that car, I would definetly change to the newer Lotus "half moon" cam belt and sprockets.  You will never have to worry about the belt jumping a notch nor breakage.

Yes, it will cost you a bunch of Kroner, but it is cheap insurance.

The other cheap (relatively) insurance would be to add an Accusump (3qt if you will be putting the car on the track........)

You are absolutely right, it will be running with square teeth for now. I consider this engine a temporary measure, I am planning to rebuild the other one with a few upgrades. Accusump is probably a good idea, though!

Tonight brought some real progress. Oil cooler is out and filled with diesel for the second time. The oil in the cooler was STICKY, in fact not quite unlike molassis (sp?). After draining it once, the diesel would hardly go in. Left it for an hour in front of a heater fan, and by then the diesel had started doing its thing, what came out then was roughly like 5W-30 oil at the same temperature. Leaving it overnight, then it should be nice and clean after blowing it out with shop air.

I think I will be able to get the old engine out on Friday. All that's missing now is to jack the car, loosen up the exhaust and lift the bugger out.


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