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 Posted: 03-03-2010 04:56 am
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The throttle bodies are from a couple of Nissan Maxima cars in a local junkyard near me. I have a new-old stock fuel pump out of a Jaguar as well as some new-old Denso injectors. Once I get the car running on this system I will probably update to some modern multi-orifice injectors.

My advice is to sell the Weber/Dellorto manifold to someone who wants to stick with carbs and do the EFI conversion with the ZS manifold. The single throat throttle bodies like I am using are real easy to find (read cheap) whereas throttle bodies to fit the twin throat Dellorto style manifold are very expensive.

As to how the holes in the manifold were made for the fuel injector bungs, a friend did it on a milling machine while I was not there in person so I don't know how he did it exactly.