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 Posted: 06-16-2005 02:38 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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This is actually one of the things the factory did a good job of documenting.  As originally produced, the cars with Lockheed brakes were VINs 13397, 13579, 13734, 13736, 13751, 13753, 13755, 13759, 13797, 13954, 13960, 14031, 14035, 14036, 14040, 14043, 14047, 14047, 14059, and 14064 up.

Naturally this does not take into account changes an owner might have made.

Perhaps you could use the Lockheed brakes without connecting the handbrake stuff, by manually pulling on each brake assembly's handbrake lever a few times.  This would set the self adjusters, and thus the brakes.  Offhand I don't see any reason why they would later lose the setting, even in a racing environment, until lining wear became a factor.

It's my understanding that switching between Lockheed and Girling brakes is basically just swapping backing plates and the brake components thereon, but I haven't ever verified this.