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 Posted: 02-18-2010 01:03 am
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Update....  I have finally decided on the direction I want to go on the fuel injection.   I will be using a MegaSquirt II for the ECU.  I will keep the Porsche 914 2.0L Bosch fuel injectors, fuel pump, pressure regulator, throttle position sensor, air temp sensor and modified Bosch distributor.  The Bosch distributor has been modified for mechanical advance only and provides data to the MegaSquirt II for ignition and fuel injection.  Eventually the MegaSquirt will feed twin ignition coils and the distributor will be replaced with a crank position sensor in the same location.

The throttle bodies are nearly finished, they are 2 - two barrel bodies machined from a block of aluminium and use Weber 48DCOE throttle shafts and plates.  

 I will be adding a water temp sensor to the rear of the cylinder head for the fuel injection and keep the sender for the Smiths mechanical water temp guage in the stock location. 

I hope the have the car running by the British Car Meet this summer.