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 Posted: 01-27-2010 02:27 am
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Funny you mention that.  I got out the multimeter and checked the voltage at the pump.  Nothing.  So, I opened the hood to nose around for loose connections, etc.  At some point I heard the heater fan kick on, so whatever I did must of worked.  Sure enough, I checked for juice back at the fuel pump and I had 12v.  I then attempted to drive the car home, but it died again en route.  Once again, I opened the hood to look around, figuring maybe I could repeat whatever I did the first time.  I even turned the heater fan back on so I'd know when I hit the jackpot.  Eventually, I got to the fuses.  The when I pressed on the middle fuse, the fan kicked on.  When I released pressure it turned off.  So that was my answer.