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 Posted: 01-07-2010 06:56 pm
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SpeedyMitch wrote: New to me JH 12827 (73 Mk 1) was running 'just fine' last May according to the PO. For me it starts and idles as normal, but only for several seconds (about 10-30 seconds). When time is up the motor just stops. It seems that if I keep the revs up it will run longer, sometimes.

I have found the source of this problem. Turns out there is a short or faulty circuit in the ignition switch. If I keep just a bit of pressure on the key after starting the JH runs fine. I squirted a bit of contact cleaner into the lock and that seems to have helped, but not solved, the problem.

How do you remove the cowling around the lock to inspect it? It seems that I would have to take the steering wheel off first???

Thanks in advance,

Speedy Mitch