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 Posted: 01-04-2010 03:35 am
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New to me JH 12827 (73 Mk 1) was running 'just fine' last May according to the PO. For me it starts and idles as normal, but only for several seconds (about 10-30 seconds). When time is up the motor just stops. It seems that if I keep the revs up it will run longer, sometimes.

Suspecting the original SU fuel pump I replaced it with a simple Carter 2-4 PSI unit from Napa and inspected the fuel filter (located in the trunk, after the SU pump, and oriented in the 'wrong' direction). The filter was clean but I replaced it anyway. The new pump does not seem to have made a difference.

Currently, there is no filter between the fuel line and the dreaded, soon-to-be-replaced, plastic 'T' between the carbs.

Next I inspected and removed the carb dash pots. The diaphragm for the forward carb has some small wrinkles that have split while the rear carb's diaphragm looks OK.

I'm guessing it is time to order the ZS rebuild kit? While I'm at it, what other tools, parts, fittings, etc should I order? Does the rebuild kit have decent instructions or is there another manual that would be beneficial?

Thanks in advance for any help, guidance, or advice,

Speedy Mitch