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 Posted: 12-15-2009 11:21 pm
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Shimming new cams when there is no baseline is difficult at best. I give it a 4 vino rating per day. Start with a case of wine.

Put in some shims to start. Bolt the cam carrier to 18 ft/lbs and measure. Have a glass of wine.

Remove cam carrier and take a second guess for the ones that were 0. Replace cam carrier. re-torque. Measure. Remove. Order shims. Pay $12 for shipping which doubles the price of shims. Wait several days for shims. Drink several glasses of wine.

Re-install cam carrier. Measure. Wonder why the shims you didn't change now have different measurements. Remove. Go to buy Helicoil kit for stripped stud. Go to local SAAB repair place and beg for the last 3 shims. Re-install. Measure. Drink a bottle of wine.

Ask yourself why the exhaust side measures a perfect .012 all the way across and the intake side is a mess. Remove. Finish off another bottle of wine.

Find the local Lotus guy on ebay and buy 12 shims, just to fill out the shim collection. Wait a few days for delivery. Install, measure, drink wine, remove 2 more times. Finally got them .005, to .007 and that's as close as it's going to get.

I'm not even happy it's done, I'm still pissed. Where's the wine?