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 Posted: 11-08-2009 03:22 am
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I've gotten rid of the fiberglass trunk lid and air dam, racing windscreen, tho I still have the patern for it.  Still have the SCCA approved roll bar for sale.  Everything else is staying on the car.   I'm not sure what I am doing with the fiberglass hood.

The engine is a one of a kind, probably can't be duplicated today.  All factory LOTUS 906 racing parts.

I have masters for the camshafts, but I am unsure what you can run in vintage racing.  They would not work well if you had to keep the stock carbs.  They realy come alive between 4500 and 9000 rpm.  Wont't idle less that 1800rpm.

I also have the molds for the front fender flairs.


Good luck, when set up properly nothing can beat it.