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 Posted: 10-12-2009 06:17 pm
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Ended up going with a 9" nominal universal booster from  Works great, a bit more boost than stock which is what I was after.  The system feels much more like a modern car, easier to modulate near lock-up.

Took a very small bit of modification, slight enlargement of the pedal box stud-holes (they were pretty ragged on 10628 to begin with, it looked like they were drilled wrong and hogged at the factory.)  My TR6 MC needed the mounting holes slotted a bit to the outside slightly as well.

The booster actuator rod (threaded) was slightly too long, contacting the pedal arm; a couple of minutes with a hacksaw and die took care of the issue.

The universal clevis was also a bit large overall.  I trimmed about 1/2" off of the ears and drilled a new pin hole, as the original is larger than the hole in the pedal arm.

The nice thing about the threaded actuator rod is that one can reasonably set where the brakes actuate.  I was after something in between 1970's Ford and late-model Accord, and have gotten really close to my personal ideal.

All in all a very worthwhile project IMO.  Next up, I may play with a M/C with a slightly smaller diameter, trade a little pedal effort for higher line pressures.  



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