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 Posted: 10-12-2009 03:37 am
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We're back home after enjoying the West Coast Nationals. Too bad so many of you missed the event, we had four days of fun.

We drove the JH over 600 miles total and only had to tighten the wheel bearings and fill up with gas during the trip. The car averaged 24 MPG over the four days of mountain driving.

We arrived in Carson City Thursday afternoon and joined the others at the Bliss Mansion, an 8000 square foot private residence built in the 1890's. After cocktails and camaraderie we checked in to our hotel for a good night's sleep.

Friday some folks took the paddlewheel to Emerald Bay and the rest  of us caught-up later for a drive around the east side of Lake Tahoe towards Reno. We reached an elevation of 8911 feet above sea level on the beautiful Mt. Rose Highway and I had to stop at the summit and put up the top to keep from getting a slurpee headache!

The National Auto Museum in Reno is a wonder and we had the place to ourselves for an entire evening of cocktails, food and helpful, friendly docents. One of them made the trip down to Carson City the next day to see our car show and then drove his old 260Z in the caravan to Virginia City for a taste of the old west.

Saturday evening's award ceremony was held at Red's 365 where they serve so much food they don't even ask if you need a to-go box, they just bring them! A good time was had by all and next year's event will be held in Nevada City, CA, probably in September. Be there!


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