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 Posted: 10-11-2009 08:29 pm
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I tried the QED site, and they don't advertise the correct height for my application. The stacks i need are 45mm X 25mm to 45 X 30mm, due to air breather limitations. Unfortuanatley it is not as easy as simply getting a larger breather, as I am again limited to a small space for the breather itself.

You are corerct that the trumpet is only a small part of the overall breather passage, however the abiltiy to draw air from the sides (and even from below the lip) of the trumpet is important to good induction. A 13mm horn is just too close to the breather backing plate to give proper flow.

I also had a look at the Lotusbits wesite. I did not give him a call however, as I am in Northern Canada and he is across the puddle. I emailed him, but as you indicated, he is not very responsive to that mode of communication.

I appreciate your help in this, and hope I can come up with a solution. I may wind up just buying from CB Performance I guess.