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 Posted: 09-29-2009 03:09 am
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Greeting all,  here is the story.  1974 1/2 Jensen Healey 5 speed.  Bought used in 1976 and raced it for 7 years.  Retired the car and fielded a Lola T360 with a Lotus 907/906 engine for another 5 years.  The Jensen sat in the garage until this summer and now is in the process of being put back on the street. 

Here is what I am working with;

Lotus 906 engine, with custom strong block, factory dry sump, custom TRW racing pistons 10.75 compresion, factory 906 compitition head, valves, springs, cam followers, compition cams, factory 906 steel billett cross drilled nitrited crank. Custom exaust.  Currently Weber 48DCOE carbs.  Converting to fuel injection for the street.  Redline 10,500 rpm.

Lightened flywheel with 7" clutch pressure plate and 3 button bronze competition disc.

Custom competitiion 2 piece drive shaft to support the high rpm.

Huffacre springs and sway bars. SPAX competition shocks.

4 speed locker rear end, changing to 5 speed for the street.

4 wheel disc brakes,
Front Formula 2 vented/cross drilled rotors with Volvo 4 puck calipers.
Rear Volvo rotors with Lotus Elan calipers.

SCCA Competion Roll bar and 5 point harness.  Have to go to stock roll bar as the soft/hard top won't clear.

Body has flaired fenders, 12 quart dry sump oil tank in the pasenger fender well behind the front tire.

As raced: weight 1547 lbs, top speed 156 mph.


Now a little about me.  I had the Jensen dealership in this area until I closed my shop in 1986, all my Jensen parts went into storage.  Now I have brought them out and those that I won't need for my cars I wil be selling.  Oh, I also have a 1968 Jensen Interceptor FF.

If you have a specific need email me at