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 Posted: 09-19-2009 02:13 pm
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Well found the info at the Buckeye Triumphs Web site.   Brett

Brake servo rebuild service:  Those of you that need a servo serviced might consider  Partco Automotive, 1494 State Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45204, 513-471-7000.   I talked to the owner Gary (had a TR4 in college) and obtained the following information:
  • He cleans, blasts and paints the units and replaces all soft parts including the seals, valves and diaphragm.  He uses a non OEM replacement check valve unless requested not to replace it.  The cost is $85 plus shipping and sales tax if you have it shipped to Ohio.  
  • He can arrange to have the shells powder coated (he ships them to Fred Thomas (, you arrange with Fred to do the work and pay Fred directly for the powder coating.)  Fred says the powder coating charge is on the order of $25 and you can select from a variety of designer colors. 
  • Gary offers two day turnaround on your unit. (Extra if you have Fred powder coat the shell). He does have units for exchange if you need one quicker and don't require your own unit back.  
  • He cautioned that one can damage the shell if it's not taken apart properly.   If the shell is distorted it won't seal properly.