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 Posted: 09-14-2009 11:57 am
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Opinions will differ, but I'm not a fan of the flexible mounting hardware on the Dellortos due to my past experiences...Strombers are a different story.  What I've done with the Dellortos is make my own gasket material to put on either side of the anti-popping intermediary plates (8 in total).

With 58 idle jets your initial air bleed will be only a turn or so.  I've used 57 and 55 jets on my installations and of course I've needed to add a few turns.  The JHPS club store jettings are a GREAT starting point, but you will need to fine tune the jets to match the exact specs of your engine using a Dyno, CO meter, etc. to get optimum power, mileage, drivability, etc.   If in doubt - run it rich.

Mounting the carbs to the manifold first takes away a lot of the irritation of getting to those bottom 4 nuts.  Go ahead and attach the water line, brake booster, and water temp sensor and mount the entire assembly as a complete unit to minimize the VINO factor...