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 Posted: 09-13-2009 02:38 am
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Well, I cut some dandy blanking gaskets and installed them next to the carb bodies, but I didn't have the heart to remove the diaphragms that I had just installed. I figure with the gaskets and the vacuum hoses blocked that should do what is needed. After a nice drive today, some 50 miles all totaled, I think I may have made an improvement. Idle is not quite as fussy and mileage seems to be better, though I haven't confirmed that yet. In reviewing my notes, it would seem the mileage dropped off after I changed the cam timing to the 110-110 setting. Can't say for sure, so probably shouldn't say at all. I do know my mileage records from our trip in July of 08 were showing 2-4 mpg better than any recent figures I have. Thanks all, for the good words and encouragement.