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 Posted: 09-05-2009 01:28 am
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I acquired 19299 about 2 years ago from the P.O. who was in Southern California.  It looks as though the car was fairly apart and then put together rapidly to sell.  As a consequence at least one heater hose is missing and at least one not connected.  My problem is trying to understand where the outlets the hoses connect to really are.

I would like to avoid pulling the console and dash completely apart, so I'm trying to figure out where the outlets are from the picture of the heater on page H2 of the Parts Catalogue Supplement.  It looks as though the outlet for the "far vent" has been moved to the right side of the heater from the left (because the "far vent" is now on the far right of the cockpit). 

But I cannot figure out where the outlet for the "near vent" is - the one in the middle of the cockpit which serves the driver.  The outlet is not shown in the illustration and I cannot find it from what I can see of the heater from the passenger footwell. 

Can someone explain this to me or is there a decent picture of the heater showing the hose outlets anywhere?  Unfortunately there is no other JH within 200 miles of me so I can't go and look at one very readily.