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 Posted: 06-13-2005 07:33 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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Sumitomo 205-60HR13s,  same on both ends.  My local tire shop suggested I order these online as their distributor doesn't handle that brand, so I bought a set of four from Tire Rack (usual disclaimers).  I had the shop remove the old tires, then mount and dynamic-balance the new ones, paying particular attention to high-spot and heavy-spot on each tire/wheel assembly.  They did quite a good job.  The car rides and corners much better now, is a lot more stable at speed on the freeway, and an assortment of small noises and odd vibrations seem to have gone away.

In short, I'm quite pleased with the Sumitomos.  They're not as sticky as competition tires, and tend to be ever so slightly squirrely on wet asphalt, but as I don't use the car on the track, nor take it out of the garage when it's raining, neither is a major concern.