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 Posted: 08-03-2009 01:32 pm
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Hi Brack,

We are practically neighbors; I commute through Fredericksburg every working day. I am the owner of JH 12873, which I use as my weekend driver. 

I will tell you there is a great British car mechanic right in Fredericksburg, Garland Gentry of Classic Car Center, Inc. I don't think he is exactly a fan of the Jensen Healey, but he did a thorough pre-purchase inspection on mine (over 5 years ago now!) and got all the lights working, did the brakes, etc; he did a fine job in my opinion, for a reasonable price. I wanted a professional mechanic to go through the car when I bought it to make sure it was safe. I have been able to maintain it on my own since then. Garland has expanded into the repair/restoration of domestic classics and musclecars, but is still the go-to guy in our area for British cars. You will enjoy just seeing his shop, with its wonderful collection of foreign and domestic classic cars.

I'd be happy to render whatever assistance I can as you revive your Jensen Healey. Send me an e-mail off-forum ( if you'd like to get together!